Find the best Apple Watch Series 6 prices

Two models of the Apple Watch 6 intwined
(Image credit: Apple)

We're here to pull all the best Apple Watch Series 6 prices that are currently available. With the arrival of the Apple Watch 7 last year, the Apple Watch Series 6 had some tasty discounts at the tail-end of the 2021, and those discounts are only going to increase in 2022. That's why we've put together this page, where you'll find all the lowest Apple Watch Series 6 prices. And the great thing about any Apple Watch 6 deals is the 6 is very similar to the brand new 7 – it's a win win.

Below you'll find the best Apple Watch Series 6 prices around, as we use a widget that scans reputable retailers online and puts all their best offers in one place. If you're looking for great prices on an older Apple Watch, then check out the best Apple Watch Series 3 prices. But for now, here are the best Apple Watch Series 6 prices this month...

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