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We're here to pull all the best Apple Watch Series 6 prices that are currently available. With the arrival of the Apple Watch 7 last year, the Apple Watch Series 6 had some tasty discounts at the tail-end of the 2021, and those discounts are only going to increase in 2022. That's why we've put together this page, where you'll find all the lowest Apple Watch Series 6 prices. And the great thing about any Apple Watch 6 deals is the 6 is very similar to the brand new 7 – it's a win win.

Below you'll find the best Apple Watch Series 6 prices around, as we use a widget that scans reputable retailers online and puts all their best offers in one place. If you're looking for great prices on an older Apple Watch, then check out the best Apple Watch Series 3 prices. But for now, here are the best Apple Watch Series 6 prices this month...

The best Apple Watch Series 6 prices right now

The Apple Watch Series 6 may well have just been superseded, but the device only came out in September 2020, meaning it's just over a year old. And in Apple hardware terms, that's basically still new. And, actually, the actual device is startlingly similar to the Apple Watch 7. In fact, it's quicker to note their differences, rather than their many similarities. The Apple Watch 6 is 1mm smaller (in both size options), and it doesn't have the dust resistance and newer processor that the 7 does.

As far as materials, display, brightness, water resistance, and connectivity, they're the same watch. Their health sensors are even exactly the same, and seeing that features like the blood oxygen and electrical heart sensors are a massive reason to buy the Apple Watches, suddenly looking for a decent drop in the Apple Watch Series 6 price this Black Friday starts to look like a great idea. And that's exactly what you'll find on this page.

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The best Apple Watch Series 6 prices

There were some great Apple Watch 6 deals at the tail end of 2021, and the beginning of 2022. To give you context, here's some info on how much the watch usually goes for the rest of the year. Over on Amazon, the GPS version of the 40mm Apple Watch 6 is currently going for as low as $312, though that price doesn't last long. 

The GPS and cellular version of the same 40mm Apple Watch 6 has reached as low as $359. That's $150 lower than the retail price of $499 – bargain. 

There are also special editions on sale, including the Nike edition and Hermes edition, which bumps the price up quite a bit, but all versions of the Apple Watch Series 6 have had – and will have – great discounts on them. 

Apple Watch 6 vs 7

What's the best Apple Watch? The most recent and up-to-date Apple Watch Series 7, or the slightly older and cheaper Apple Watch Series 6? Well, it all depends on what you value, of course. If you want the absolute most recent features and design, then the Series 7 is the way to go. However, the Apple Watch Series 6 actually shares loads of the same features as the 7, but is cheaper. Here's a breakdown: 

The Series 7 has a thicker screen, making it slightly less likely to crack (though this has never been an issue for us, and we've been reviewing the Apple Watch since the Series 3 came out!). Elsewhere, the 7 is more dust resistant, with an IP6X certificate. Again, the level of dust resistance has never been an issue for us, but if it is for you – the 7 is the winner. 

The design of the 7 is a little curvier, but the biggest update on the 7 is the display. It's 20% bigger, with a teeny 1.7mm bezel. It's also 70% brighter than the 6. They share all the same features, apart from the 7 has a QWERTY keyboard now. 

In short, the improvements are all slight, and there's no massive reason to go for the 7 instead of the 6, especially if you can get a lower Apple Watch Series 6 price. The Apple Watch Series 6 is still a fantastic Apple smartwatch option.  

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