The best Apple Watch deals in September 2023

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The best Apple Watch deals

The best Apple Watch deals are easy enough to find (especially if you bookmark this page), but they may not be on the Apple Watch you're expecting. For example, if you think that the biggest discounts would be on the oldest Apple Watches, you'd be wrong... well, half right! We see plenty of great Apple Watch deals on the Apple Watch Series 3, but deals on the Apple Watch 4 and 5 are thin on the ground. 

With the newest Apple Watch 7 released in October 2021, Apple decided to only stock the 3, SE, and 7. Retailers have followed suit, with the 1, 2, 4 and 5 all but disappearing from major retailers' sites, discounted or otherwise. To be totally transparent, we've included the best deals that we can find on these less popular models below, but more for context than anything else, as we don't think that they represent great value for money – not with the competitive pricing of the 7, 6, 3 and SE.

Whichever model you go for, we've listed all the best Apple Watch deals below, with an accompanying widget that pulls the most recent deals in with live links to the retailers. Once you've got your Apple Watch deal, check out our article on the best Apple Watch bands

The best Apple Watch deals

The best Apple Watch Series 7 deals

Best Apple Watch deals: Apple Watch 7

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This is currently the most recent and the best Apple Watch. With a larger display, a brighter always-on mode, and a QWERTY keyboard, the Apple Watch 7 is perhaps the most practical smartwatch, too. Compared to the Apple Watch Series 6, there are no new fitness features, and battery life remains 18 hours, but the larger display alone makes it more practical to use. 

To give you the best context of price, the Apple Watch Series was released in October 2021 and is available to order directly from Apple priced from $399/£369. So if you're seeing much better prices down below, we'd suggest you'd definitely consider them. However, we're not likely to see any really big Apple Watch 7 deals yet, but keep your eyes on the prices listed below just in case.

The best Apple Watch Series 6 deals

Best Apple Watch deals

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The Apple Watch Series 6 came out September 2020, and judged on the combination of rich features and price, may be the best value option out there. We'll be straight with you – we're fans of this Apple Watch, having played extensively with one for our Apple Watch Series 6 review. Chief amongst its highlights is its range of health and fitness features, and that iconic design. This is the Apple Watch with Blood Oxygen monitoring, super-fast S6 processor, and with our handy discount price widget, the very best prices will be shown below. 

The best Apple Watch SE deals

Best Apple Watch deals

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The Apple Watch SE came out at the same time as the Series 6, above, so savings are to be found more and more. If we liked the Apple Watch 6 above, we were blown away with the Apple Watch SE, giving it a top score in our hands-on Apple Watch SE review. As ever, our price comparison widget below will pull the best online prices in front of you. 

The best Apple Watch Series 5 deals

Best Apple Watch deals

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The Apple Watch 5 has new display technology allowing for an always-on screen mode. In layman's terms, that means you can actually look at your watch and see the time without pressing anything. You know, like you would with a traditional watch. 

There are two new finishes to choose from – titanium and ceramic – plus a stack of new watchOS features. And with prices starting at $399 for the 40mm GPS model, it's still within the realms of affordability.

The best Apple Watch Series 4 deals

Best Apple Watch deals

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The Apple Watch 4 has a bigger screen, an improved speaker and a dial that's more pleasing to use than the older models. It also has health features such as a heart rate monitor, Fall Detection and Emergency SOS capabilities.

As the first Apple Watch with a tweaked design since the launch of the first model, it's much sought after, but that doesn't mean you can't get a discount. In fact, here are the best available right now...

There are also other versions of the Series 4 Watch to add an extra degree of style, namely the Nike and Hermes collections.

The best Apple Watch Series 3 deals

There's been some sweet bargains on the Series 3 in recent years. The most exciting thing about the Apple Watch 3 on launch was the introduction of Cellular, which meant it could be used without an iPhone or Wi-Fi, taking its capabilities to a whole new level. Of course, that's a base spec for all the Apple Watches to have been released since. 

The Series 3 doesn't have quite the same speed or swish design as the Series 4 onwards, but it still works well and looks good. So if you don't want to spend a lot, then this could be the model for you. See below for the best prices in your area today. 

The best Apple Watch Series 2 & 1 deals

Some of the best Apple Watch deals you'll find are on the Series 1 and 2 models, which lack the finesse and power of the Series 3 and 4 models. They've now been discontinued by Apple, but that means you can pick them up for an especially cheap price on places like Ebay. However, as newer models get discounted, deals on the first two Apple Watches are drying up, so if you don't see any deals being pulled in to the deal finder below, you may be better going for one of the other Apple Watches in the family above. 

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