The best Galaxy Watch 5 price in January 2023

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Welcome to our guide to the best Galaxy Watch 5 price. In the ever-growing world of technology, smart watches are becoming a more sought-after product that many people use in their day to day life. Brands like Apple and Samsung are at the forefront of this technology as compatibility with phones is a major selling point, and the latest Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is no exception to these amazing wearables. First released August 25 2022, this latest watch features all the best parts of the Galaxy Watch line including health and wellness monitoring, sleep tracking, music app control and the ability to handle notifications. 

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 comes in two sizes: 40mm and 44mm. The 40mm Galaxy Watch 5 retails for $279/£269 and the 44mm Galaxy Watch 5 retails for $309/£289. Considering the older Galaxy Watch 4 currently retails for around $199/£199, it's not a massive price jump up for a newer model. They share a lot of similar specs, but the Watch 5 takes the best features and improves on them to make the best Samsung Watch to date. 

The best Galaxy Watch 5 prices today

A product shot of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

The latest smart watch from Samsung.

Size: 40 - 44mm | Processor: Exynos W920 (Dual core, 5nm) | Always on screen: Yes | ECG and blood pressure: Yes | Cellular: Yes | Brightness : Up to 2,000 nits

Beautiful and sleek design
Great customisation options
Improved software
No rotating bezel like older models

Despite it releasing only a few short months ago, we're already seeing good Galaxy Watch 5 deals pop up here and there. Whilst the Watch 5 (40mm) generally retails for $279/£269, we've recently seen it go as low $249/£239. So savings are definitely out there, even if they can be difficult to find! Our above live links take you to the best Galaxy Watch 5 price that is active right now, so keep an eye on them for any price reductions. 

Similar competitors like Apple are a lot pricier with their smart watches: the most recent Apple Watch Series 8 costs $399/£419 so the Galaxy Watch 5 triumphs in saving some extra pennies. Whilst the Galaxy Watch 5 is compatible with some other non-Samsung Android phones, you're going to be missing out on features like the ECG measurements as those are features exclusive to Samsung, so make sure you either own a Samsung phone or are aware of the lack of a few compatibility features if you do decide to purchase a Galaxy Watch.

What does the Galaxy 5 watch do?

The Galaxy 5 watch is your typical modern smartwatch: it will track your fitness activity like step-count and heartbeat rate, manage notifications like texts and calls, control music apps without your phone and much more. Oh, and tell the time! You can also use it for apps like Google Pay and Google Maps as a handy tool for day-to-day activities, and with a battery life of up to 50 hours you don't need to worry about your Watch not making it through a day full day of use. 

If you're looking for a beefier version of this watch, check out the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. The Pro has a thicker build than the regular 5, so it's less lightweight. But a big plus of the Pro is that is has improved battery life, lasting up to an impressive 80 hours. However, the Pro model only comes in one size which measures 45mm. 

Is the Galaxy Watch 5 worth it?

If you're looking for an all-round smartwatch that is both beautiful and packed with features, then the Galaxy Watch 5 is more than worth it. It's a significant step up from the Watch 4, but for a cheaper alternative the Galaxy Watch 4 is still a great option that will do the same job if you're not a spec nut. 

One important thing to note (that seems to be a sore spot with Samsung Galaxy Watch fans) is that the Watch 5 removes the popular rotating bezel seen on older models. This bezel made the the Watch resemble a more traditional analogue watch, and made it more unique from the touch-screen only design that most smart watches sport. 

When did the Galaxy Watch 5 come out?

The Galaxy Watch 5 was first announced August 10th 2022 and was released a few  short weeks later on August 26th. 

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