The best Apple Watch Series 5 prices for September 2023

The best Apple Watch Series 5 prices: a 5 on the ground
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Finding the best Apple Watch Series 5 prices is as easy as scrolling down this page and having a look at our price comparison widget. It's always pulling in the latest deals on the Apple Watch Series 5, from a long list of retailers around the world. 

But the truth is, low Apple Watch Series 5 prices just aren't that common these days. It's not because the Apple Watch Series 5 isn't a good watch - it's great! It's mainly because it's sandwiched between so many other Apple Watches, people often forget about it. What that does mean, however, is that when there are good deals on the Apple Watch Series 5, they're really good deals! 

Below you'll find the best Apple Watch Series 5 prices about, and then there's a bit more information about the model. And if you're looking for low prices on an older Apple Watch, then check out the best Apple Watch Series 3 prices.

The best Apple Watch Series 5 prices in 2022

The best Apple Watch Series 5 prices

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What's a good price for Apple Watch Series 5?

There have been some great Apple Watch 5 deals over Christmas, but we've been covering the best Apple Watch Series 5 prices long enough to be able to give you a good idea of the price range you should be expecting at normal trading times. The truth is, the very best deals that you're going to find on the Apple Watch Series 5 are for renewed models on Amazon. Now, these are always guaranteed, and we've seen the GPS only model go for as low as $249, so that's definitely an option. 

However, if renewed isn't for you, the lowest Apple Watch Series 5 price that we've seen on Amazon was down to $329/£319. That was a record low - $70/£80 under the retail price - and to be honest, we haven't seen it drop down to that low since 2020. 

If you're going for the GPS and cellular version, we're seeing it go for around $749 these days over at Amazon - bizarrely higher than the retail price of $499/£499 - so we don't advise going for that model. 

Apple Watch 5 vs 6: which one is better?

The Apple Watch Series 5 brought the always on screen. The Apple Watch Series 6 is basically the same as the 5, but with a couple more features, including faster charging time (around 40% faster than the 5). The battery life is the same at 18 hours, the design is pretty much identical, and both sport a 368 х 448 resolution display, with the same brightness.

Where they differ, is the health features of the Apple Watch Series 6. You get a blood oxygen sensor with the 6, which you don't get with the 5. The Apple Watch Series 6 also includes 5GHz Wi-Fi support, meaning that it'll be faster over wi-fi than the 5. 

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