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Our first glimpse of the Apple Watch Series 8 is pretty disappointing

Apple Watch Series 8 render
(Image credit: Apple/Future owns)

Despite a few nips here and tucks there, the overall design of the Apple Watch hasn't changed a great deal since it first arrived in 2015. This year's Apple Watch Series 7 brought one of the most significant changes yet, with the first truly edge-to-edge display. But if you're expecting big things in 2022, prepare for disappointment.

New renders based on CAD files have given us our first glimpse of the Apple Watch Series 8 and it looks a lot like, er, the Apple Watch Series 7. And by a lot, we mean a lot. And by that, we mean identical. Check out the best Black Friday Apple Watch deals if you're in the market for a new wearable.

Apple Watch Series 8 render

Looks familiar (Image credit: LeaksApplePro)

The renders by LeaksApplePro reveal that the "only noticeable change in design" is that there are now two speaker grilles on the side of the device instead of one. Otherwise, this could easily be mistaken for an Apple Watch Series 7 – although we wouldn't be surprised if Apple has at least one new colour up its sleeve for those who really want their wrist to scream "It's definitely a Series 8, guys!"

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According to iDropNews, said new colour could be a light green akin to the hue used for the iPad Air 4. The leaker claims to have seen a prototype in such a colour, while the renders imagine the Apple Watch Series 8 in a fetching purple shade. Sadly, the leaker claims this is "not a leak, it just looks cool."

Of course, no discernible visual updates doesn't mean the Apple Watch Series 8 won't prove a worthy upgrade. It's too early to speculate about what the device might feature under the hood, but rumour has it we might be in for a blood sugar sensor, and as always, battery life is said to be getting a boost.

Time will tell what Apple has in store for its time-telling device, but if you don't fancy waiting around to find out, take a look at today's best Apple Black Friday deals, and be sure to check out the best Apple Watch Series 7 deals below.

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