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Apple AirPods Cyber Monday: Brilliant AirPods deals are still live

Apple AirPods Cyber Monday
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Here are all the best Apple AirPods Cyber Monday deals, some of which are still going in the after Cyber Monday sales. The big event brought us some never-before-seen prices on Apple's signature audio kit. Whether you were after AirPods or AirPods Pro, there was an abundance of deals around that were guaranteed to save you money. 

Deals on Apple products don't come along often, so it's worth snapping them up this in the after Cyber Monday sales. We searched for the best AirPods deals over Cyber Monday and have listed them below, with some handy information under that about your new favourite earbuds. You'll find US deals at the top and you can jump to UK deals here.

For other Apple steals, see our regularly updated Apple Black Friday post, and our Cyber Monday deals post, too.

AirPods deals: the best offers right now

Need to get straight to the nitty-gritty? We've found the best AirPods deals available at the moment.

AirPods Cyber Monday US deals:

Apple AirPods with wireless charging case: $199.99 $139.98 at Amazon
Save $50:
Take things up a notch with wireless charging (just place the case on a qi mat). You'll get 18 hours of talk time, and 24 hours of listening time, plus Siri's assistance and one-tap, always-on activation. 

View Deal

Apple AirPods Pro: $249 $199 at Staples
Save $50:
Go for the AirPods Pro and you won't regret it. Active noise cancellation and sweat and water resistance, are just two of the premium features you'll enjoy. You can customise the fit and transparency mode means you can hear the sounds around you when necessary.View Deal

Apple AirPods with charging case: $159.99 $109.99 at Amazon
Save $50:
Complete with charging case (and cable), this is a great price. Enjoy unrivalled sound, 18 hours of talking time and 24 hours of listening time AND Siri.View Deal

AirPods Cyber Monday UK deals:

Apple AirPods Pro: £249 £195 at Laptops Direct
Save £54:
You'll notice the difference if you go for the AirPods Pro. With active noise cancellation and sweat and water resistance, you can customise the fit so it's just right for you. Plus, transparency mode means you can let the outside world in when you need to.View Deal

Apple AirPods with charging case (2nd Gen): £159 £124.37 at
Save 22%:
Save a sizeable chunk on Apple's earbuds. Complete with charging case (and lightning to USB lead), these beauties deliver 24 hours of listening time and 18 hours of talking time.
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Apple AirPods with wireless charging case (2nd Gen): £199 £157 at Amazon
Save £42: 
With wireless charging, these AirPods are even simpler – just place them on a wireless charging mat to power up. With one-tap activation, Siri is built in to assist you. Talk for 18 hours, and listen for 24 when using the charging case to top up your power.View Deal

What do AirPods do?

First released in 2016, the Apple AirPods are Bluetooth-powered wireless earpods that pack some brilliant tech into their small, stylish, bodies. Since the initial launch, the AirPods have become incredibly popular, and they are Apple's biggest selling accessory – in 2018 alone they sold 35 million units. And now, with the release of the new AirPods Pro (more on them later), you're more likely than ever to get an Apple AirPods Cyber Monday or AirPods Black Friday deal on the older AirPods.

So, why are the AirPods so popular? Well, first of all, that 'true wireless' tech is all the rage at the moment. What this means is that each AirPod is completely wireless – unlike many wireless headphones and earpods that have a wire connecting the left and right earphone. This makes them discreet and comfortable to use (and you could argue easier to lose), but that's not the only reason for their popularity.

Apple AirPods

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They also include powerful noise reduction technology in the built-in microphone, which filters out even the noisiest of background sounds. Support for Apple's virtual assistant, Siri, is included, and there are built-in accelerometers and optical sensors that let the AirPods know when they are removed from your ears – automatically pausing music playback.

Designers and digital artists will love the AirPods. Not only are they stylish, but you can make and receive calls with them, and they work with a whole host of Apple products. Not just the aforementioned iPhones, iPads and iPods, but also the Apple Watch and Macs and MacBooks as well.

How much are Apple AirPods?

Due to the tech inside – and the huge popularity of the devices – Apple AirPods can be quite expensive, and deals few and far between. However, we've rounded up the very best AirPod sales right here on this page, so if you're looking for the best price for Apple AirPods, you've come to the right place.

In terms of the RRP, the AirPods will set you back $159 with a wired charging case, $199 with a wireless charging case and the AirPods Pro are set at $249, but that doesn't mean that there aren't some AirPods deals around, especially around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Although don't expect to get a huge amount off. There are already some Black Friday deals for AirPods popping up. See more below.

Apple AirPods (2019) guide and prices

Apple AirPods Black Friday

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This year, Apple brought out an updated version of the Apple AirPods that come with a number of excellent new features, including hands-free 'Hey Siri' functionality, which lets you communicate with Apple's virtual assistant without having to press anything on your iPhone or on the AirPods themselves, though you can still double-tap the AirPods to bring up Siri if you wish.

The Apple AirPods (2019) also pair faster with your devices, so you can set them up to work with your gadgets even quicker than before, This is thanks to the new H1 chip inside the updated AirPods, which allows "AirPods [to] deliver up to two times faster switching between active devices”, and are “50% faster when transferring a call to your AirPods”, and “deliver 30% lower gaming latency,” according to Apple.

You can also wirelessly charge the new AirPods with the new wireless charging case - but this is sold separately.

Apart from those new features, the Apple AirPods (2019) are very similar to the original AirPods, with 20 hour battery life and excellent sound quality.

Here are the best deals on the AirPods without the wireless case:

And the best Airpods deals with the wireless charging case are listed below. 

If you're not sure which ones you need, here's more about the benefits of the wireless charging case: 

The AirPods case is an essential accompaniment to the AirPods. Not only does it keep you from losing the AirPods quite so easily (due to how small they are), but it keeps them safe as you carry them around.

Even more usefully, the AirPods case holds a battery, allowing you to charge the AirPods when not in use, allowing you to fully charge the AirPods four times. You plug the case into a USB port or power adapter, and a little LED light lets you know when its battery is full.

And, as we mentioned above, the new AirPod case can wirelessly charge the AirPods (2019), which means you don't need to even insert the AirPods into the case to top them up.

Because the case is so essential, it's frustrating that Apple doesn't always sell the case along with the AirPods, although the AirPods Pro are set to change all that. 

AirPods Pro guide and prices

Airpods Pro

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This month also saw the release of the Apple AirPods Pro. You can read all about why we're unexpectedly excited about them here, but the headline news about the AirPods Pro is that they're shorter, the specs are better and they come with a wireless charging case as standard. They also, as you'd expect, cost more. Today's best prices are listed below. 

When is the best time to get the best Apple AirPod deals?


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As we mentioned before, the popularity of the AirPods means that you don't often see huge discounts. However, there are certain times of the year when you're more likely to encounter AirPod deals.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the most likely times you'll see the best AirPod deals, as retailers around the world slash the prices of some of their most popular products. In previous years, we've seen some decent savings on the AirPods for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and hopefully this year will be no different.

Black Friday 2019 is usually the last weekend in November, with Cyber Monday following in early December, so if you're on the lookout for Black Friday deals for AirPods, make sure you have those dates firmly circled in your diary.

In the run up to Christmas and the holiday season is another good time to hunt for Apple AirPod deals, as again many retailers will be cutting prices in a bid to win over customers in that highly competitive trading period.

Now's also a good time to hunt for an AirPod deal as Apple has just announced the next generation of its wireless earphones in the form of the AirPods Pro. This is because a new model means that prices for the older – yet still perfectly good – AirPods will drop.

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