We've found the best Cricut Maker 3 deal – save £166 on this unbelievable offer

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Hobbycraft just stole a march on everyone this Black Friday with its incredible Cricut deal – it's matched every other retailer and has reduced the Cricut Maker 3 from £429.99 to £369 (opens in new tab) but has added in a Smart Materials Bundle worth £104.99. That's a fantastic saving of £166 on Cricut's newest and most powerful craft machine.

Hobbycraft is a UK site but US crafters can order and have this deal delivered, though at $506 it's honestly not the best deal for you. A better offer would be the Cricut Maker 3 Essentials Bundle at Cricut for $586.91 $399.99 (opens in new tab).

You can buy both separately in this weekend's Black Friday sale, and the Smart Materials Bundle has been reduced from £104.99 to £39 (opens in new tab) if you just want the materials package. And I'll be honest, both are on sale right now so you're essentially getting the Smart Materials for free – but outside of Black Friday that deal is huge.

If you're looking for more bundle deals then take a look at our Cricut Maker 3 Bundle deals hub, which lists all of the best offers around today. 

If you want to find out more about why this machine is worth the money read our Cricut maker 3 review. If you're not in the UK or you're looking for deals on other Cricut machines, be sure to follow our Black Friday Cricut live blog, where you'll find all the best prices on consoles, games and accessories.

The best Cricut Maker 3 deal in the UK

Cricut Maker 3 + Smart Materials Bundle: £535 (opens in new tab)

Cricut Maker 3 + Smart Materials Bundle: £535 £369 at Hobbycraft (opens in new tab)
Save £166:
Cricut has just pipped everyone to the best Maker 3 offer – you get the Maker 3 and a Smart Materials bundle for a huge 31% discount. Both are reduced right now so the sale price to buy separately is less, but this is still a massive deal on this leading machine.

The best Cricut Maker 3 deal in the US

Cricut Maker 3: $429.99 (opens in new tab)

Cricut Maker 3: $429.99 $379.99 at Cricut (opens in new tab)
Save £50:
If you're in the US the current Hobbycraft offer hasn't been matched, but you can still get a good $50 discount on Cricut Maker 3 at the official Cricut store. It's the standard current Cricut sale offer.

Not in the US or UK? See the best Cricut Maker 3 Black Friday deals in your region below.

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