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Creatives stand with the black community in the fight against racism

Black Lives Matter
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As global protests continue in response to the brutal killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers, the creative community have come together in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Some are showing support through fundraising projects, others are producing moving tributes to Floyd himself or to artwork responding to the history of violence and oppression towards black people. There are also professionals harnessing their positions to make positive moves to amplify black people in the creative industries.

This article contains examples of all of these, but we must emphasise that it is only a starting point. Our commitment to cultivate change will ensure we continue to amplify black voices to help make Creative Bloq and the creative industry as a whole a more inclusive space for black communities. We all need to triple our efforts to support black creatives, starting now. 

Please feel free to get in touch with any suggestions or relevant news – we plan to keep this page regularly updated. Let's start with a list of some very worthy causes that are working right now in this fight.

Where you can donate

Black Lives Matter: Fundraising projects

Artists and designers are creating work and collaborating for fundraising projects. Here are some inspirational examples.

And we’re live! Round 2!! Link in bio 👆🏽 The Earth Issue

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Black Lives Matter: Portfolio reviews

A number of artists and designers have taken to social media to offer support to black artists in the form of portfolio reviews. 

Black Lives Matter: Hiring artists and designers

Black Lives Matter: George Floyd tributes

An early look at next week’s cover, "Say Their Names," by @KadirNelson. The New Yorker

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Below are some examples of artists across the world who have responded to the death of George Floyd, producing tributes to Floyd in support of Black Lives Matter.

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No justice. No peace. One of the men 4 men who killed George Floyd has been charged with third-degree murder. It doesn't feel like a victory. A man is still dead and police officers know that most of the time, there will be no repercussions for the violence they inflict. When you see this whole image, when you don't slice it up into 10 small pieces, all that's visible is one long bar. Killing after killing that goes unpunished. That's why people are still protesting *after* the news that Derek Chauvin has been charged. It's not nearly enough. Let's go back to the start and look at the 25 times that police officers supposedly had to face consequences for their actions. History tells us that even if all four men who killed George are convicted, their sentences will be generous (unlike the way the criminal justice punishes black men). Here is a breakdown of the sentences that were given those 25 times: ➖ Unknown sentence = 4 ➖ Just probation = 3 ➖ 3 months in jail = 1 ➖ 1 year in jail, 3 years suspended = 1 ➖ 1 year in prison = 1 ➖ 18 months in prison = 1 ➖ 2.5 years in prison = 1 ➖ 4 years in prison = 1 ➖ 5 years in prison = 1 ➖ 6 years in prison = 1 ➖ 16 years in prison = 1 ➖ 20 years in prison = 1 ➖ 30 years in prison = 2 ➖ 40 years in prison = 1 ➖ 50 years in prison = 1 ➖ life in prison = 3 ➖ life in prison without parole, plus 16 years = 1 Source: Mapping Police Violence (run by @samswey, @iamderay & @MsPackyetti) Mona Chalabi

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Black Lives Matter: Art

My heart hurts too much. #justicefortoyin mooodlz

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#blacklivesmatter ✰ ʰᵒᵉ ✰

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