Bizarre Burger King ad campaign brings digital hamburgers to life

Burger King
(Image credit: Burger King Chile/Wolf BCPP)

Fast food fans were stung when chains were forced to shut due to lockdown, with queues around the block to stock up on freezer essentials before doors closed (yes, really). Luckily for some, the Chilean branch of Burger King heard the pleas of desperate burger fans and has come to the rescue with a clever, albeit totally bizarre, marketing campaign.

'Burger Exchange' means a free Whopper could be sitting right in front of you as you browse the internet, and all you need is a teeny bit of UI design knowledge. The video below explains all, in an attention-grabbing, retro-style piece of marketing that must have been created using some top-level video-editing software.

"Do you want to stop seeing burgers everywhere and really win Whoppers?", asks Burger King on its Chilean Instagram feed. "Check out this promo and find out how to do it here. Participate and win as a king! #BurgerExchange 😎".

Burger King asks users to notice the 'hamburger button' that features all over the web, playing on the mirage-inducing intensity of craving your favourite food. That button is potentially the only kind of hamburger you've seen since lockdown began, the campaign suggests, and BK Chile wants to help.

Once users have spotted the hamburger button, they simply send a screenshot to BK. The royal burger chain will then deliver them a real-life Whopper in a burger exchange so attainable, we wish we lived in Chile.

Burger King

The hamburger button, sitting atop a burger (Image credit: Burger King/Wolf BCPP)

Wolf BCPP created the campaign, which cleverly plays on on the communal feeling of missing out during lockdown. It's super simple for everyone to get involved (the best kind of offer), and we're also fans of the loud, zine-style video, which jolts us of our lockdown slump with its neon graphics and fast pace. 

Burger King is on a roll at the moment with its offbeat approach to advertising. Check out the weird and wonderful farting cow ad, another recent hit from BK that we can't get enough of.

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