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Illuminating birthday chart reveals your personality's Pantone

colour chart
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Ever wondered what would happen if a colour was assigned to your birthday and the result summarised your personality? No, we haven't either. But now that it's happened, we're not sorry at all. A 366 colour personality chart has been created, and we think it could replace the entire concept of a star sign. Well, for truly committed creatives, anyway. 

In this chart, created by a Japanese website, each day of the year has been given a colour that is meant to reflect your personality – based on colour theory to give it some real scientific credence. Alongside the colour, you get a list of personality traits that define you. Intriguing.

colour chart

It's based on colour theory. (Image credit:

The colours, which range from camel to eggplant, come complete with a hex code in case you identify so strongly with the result that you want to use it again. Given the chart is hosted on a web design resource site (see it here), the experiment lends itself to exploring how these colours could be used in design to provoke certain feelings (see our guide to using colour in web design for more).

Alongside the personality traits, you will be treated to a neat sentence summarising your personality. These are mostly pretty positive – even if you don't agree with the sentiment, which is a relief after that super-harsh viral colour personality quiz released last month (you certainly needed a thick skin to get through that one). Just be sure to press the translate button at the top of the page, unless you can read Japanese.

So, whether you're born on January 28th and get to embrace Dandelion Yellow and a personality full of adventure, brightness and curiosity; or you're the 'owner of a naive heart', Asagi (a shade of blue) in colour and born on April 28th, there's something to learn about yourself here. Or it's at least a fun way to pass a few minutes, anyway.

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