Colour in web design: all you need to know

The success of any piece of visual communication depends on colour. Research into the impact of colour in marketing tells us that it takes the average person just 90 seconds to make a subconscious decision about a product, and that 62-90 per cent of those decisions are based on colour alone. 

Consequently, sharpening up your knowledge of colour theory and psychology can go a long way to helping increase conversions, and can in many instances improve the usability of your interfaces (to make inherently useable sites, keep things straightforward with a website builder). 

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Joss Cook is a freelance designer and design manager at Unity. Formerly design manager at Lush Digital, he was awarded Wirehive 100 Creative of the Year 2014 and voted No. 1 in The Drum Design Census 2015. He has written for Web Designer and Net magazines.