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Could this be 2020’s must-have tool for designers?

castAway second screen
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Want to add a second screen to your smartphone to improve your productivity and creativity? Then the nifty castAway case could be exactly what you're looking for. castAway works by where housing your phone in one side of its case, while a smartphone-sized Chromium-based tablet sits in the other side, allowing you to multitask on the go. 

The castAway tablet comes in three sizes, 5.8", 6.3" and 6.9", making it compatible with a host of popular Android and iOS devices, and some of the best smartphones available.


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A custom app allows users to connect to the second screen via Bluetooth or WiFi and creates a series of folders on the phone to store images and files. On the tablet, a Chrome extension will grab any files that are added to the folders – meaning you have access on both devices.

There is no doubt that a second screen brings with it plenty of plus points, especially for designers. You can keep your tools panel on one screen and design in another. You can also work on one screen and keep an eye on your social media and email on the other.

But the best bit is you are not tied to the double screen. You can pull apart the screens and use them separately, and then slip back together when you want to thanks to a magnetic hinge. 

The castAway is exciting stuff, but it's not available yet. It's currently at the Prototype stage on IndieGoGo, meaning there is a working version of the physical product, but it's not yet in production. Get more info on the castAway here

Steve is the editor of Web Designer magazine.