UK Covid booster logo mercilessly mocked online

NHS Get Boosted Now logo
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We've seen all manner of brand responses to the pandemic over the last two years, and not all of them have hit the spot. But this latest logo mishap has come courtesy of the UK government itself, whose booster vaccination logo is drawing hilarious comparisons. 

The government's new slogan reads 'GET BOOSTED NOW' in a block serif font, featuring a stylised yellow 'O' in the last word. And while the message is simple and clear, the logo is reminding TV viewers of a very particular brand of crisps. Not that a country-specific vaccination logo was ever going to make the cut, in case you were wondering, this one won't be hitting our best logos roundup. 

Boris Johnson standing in from of a lectern reading Get Boosted Now

Does that 'O' look familiar to you? (Image credit: Independent)

Indeed, the giant 'O' is reminding the British public of everyone's favourite hollow, cylindrical potato crisp, the humble Hula-Hoop. Perhaps it's the yellow circle on the red background, or perhaps people simply want to find something, anything, to laugh at during what continue to be unprecedented times.

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And then there are those who simply can't see the point of the giant 'O' at all. What does it represent? O for Omicron? The circle of life? "Can anybody PLEASE explain why they’ve obsessed over this O? What’s the significance?" one user Tweets. If anyone finds out, please let us know too. Whatever the answer, we can't quite believe we're writing a story about a circle resembling a crisp, so it'd be great to get it cleared up and move on.

A bowl of Hula Hoops

In case you need reminding what Hula Hoops look like (Image credit: Getty)

Still, an accidental crisp association is by no means the worst Covid logo fail we've seen over the last couple of years. That dubious honour still belongs squarely to McDonald's, and its disastrous 'socially distanced' logo. If you're inspired to create a design of your own, check out our guide to logo design, and see today's best Adobe Creative Cloud deals below. 

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