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This is hands-down the best Cyber Monday hard drive deal

Black Friday external hard drive deals
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Incredibly, the best deal we've seen on an external drive over the whole Black Friday/Cyber Monday is still live, getting you a whopping 52% off a super-fast, super spacious and brilliantly compact 1TB SSD external hard drive. This is the kind of deal you'd think would be gone pretty quickly, but despite appearing on Black Friday, it's continued into Cyber Monday. If you're quick, you can still grab the SanDisk 1TB SSD reduced from $249.99 to $119.99 at Amazon – a saving of $130.

And don't worry if you're in the UK, because this Black Friday hard drive deal still has a few hours left to run there too. Again you get the SanDisk 1TB SSD for less than half price – just £99.99 at Amazon in the UK.

We reckon these are THE hard drive deals of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but they're not the only options. If you prioritise space over speed and prefer an HDD, this half-price deal on a WD 2TB HDD for just $54.99 at Best Buy is also hugely impressive, saving you $55.

Make sure to check out our guide to Black Friday external hard drive deals for more. For savings on other products see our guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021.

Best Cyber Monday external hard drive deal: US

SanDisk 1TB SDD: $249.99

SanDisk 1TB SDD: $249.99 $119.99 at Amazon
Save $130:
This 1TB SSD was the hard drive find of Black Friday, and there's still 52% off for Cyber Monday. It boasts up to 1,050MB/s read speed and 1,000MB/s write speeds, and unlike a lot of hard drives, it looks pretty good too.

WD 2TB HHD: $109.99

WD 2TB HHD: $109.99 $54.99 at Best Buy
Save $55:
If you're not fussed about the speed of an SSD and prefer the extra space of an HDD, this is another great half-price offer this Cyber Monday. Best Buy has other sizes at half price too.

Best ongoing Black Friday external hard drive deals: UK

SanDisk 1TB SDD: £221.99

SanDisk 1TB SDD: £221.99 £99.99 at Amazon
Save $122:
There's also 55% off the 1TB SanDisk SSD in the UK, offering fantastic value for money on a super fast, super secure, light and compact external drive.

Samsung T7 1TB SDD: £163.79

Samsung T7 1TB SDD: £163.79 £78.49 at Amazon
Save $85.30:
A close contender for the best ongoing Black Friday hard drive deal in the UK is this Samsung option, also a 1TB SSD. It's slightly heavier than the SanDisk above but offers comparable speeds for a slightly lower price. It's a tough call between the two and will probably come down to your personal preference on looks.

Here are some other external hard drive options that might suit you, wherever you are in the world... 

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