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Dive into virtual reality with the new issue of net magazine

Welcome to the new world: the VR web is finally here. This month, Liv Erickson plunged head-first into the world of browser-based virtual reality and the tools and frameworks that are making it more accessible than ever before. In the latest issue she shares her findings.

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This month’s freebie is a 69-page ebook on Psychology for Designers. In it, you’ll discover different types of psychology, and how to use psychological insights to solve design problems.

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In the Projects section, Zell Liew reveals the rules of web typography, from mastering typesetting and vertical rhythm, to making sure your type scales properly, to getting your designers and developers to play nicely together to build a typographical triumph. It’s an indispensable guide for anyone working with type on the web.

Also in the Projects section, Matthew Clark reveals how the BBC handles performance. As the site that delivered seamless Olympics coverage to over 100 million devices last summer, they have a thing or two to teach us.

Elsewhere in the mag:

  • Is it OK to build sites that rely on JavaScript to work? Not everyone agrees on the answer, so we asked seven experts argue their views
  • Cameron Adams muses on past startup adventures (including the ill-fated Google Wave)
  • Emerson Loustau shares some essential interview advice to help you land your dream tech job
  • Brian Wood runs down 15 best practices and features to help you master web and app design in Photoshop CC list
Ruth Hamilton
Ruth Hamilton is associate editor of Creative Bloq, and former acting editor of net magazine. She has also worked on Creative Bloq's sister publication, Computer Arts.