Do you want to find work through Creative Bloq?

Would you be interested in finding your next new job or freelance opportunity through Creative Bloq? We’re always looking for ways to make the site better, and one area where we think we could help is through a jobs board. 

After all, we have hundreds of thousands of visitors – designers, studio owners and clients alike – every day. What if we could connect you in a better way?

We have a few different ideas in mind, which we’ll run through below, but the big question is: would you want this sort of service on Creative Bloq? When you've read through the options, please take 30 seconds to vote in our poll.

Here’s what we’re thinking:

01. A jobs board

This would be a traditional-style jobs board, where studios and agencies around the world could advertise their latest creative vacancies. 

02. A 'find a freelancer' service

This would be a more specialised service, connecting top studios and agencies with talented, reliable freelancers. 

We would love your feedback, so if either of these ideas are of interest – or if they really aren’t – please take a moment to let us know in the poll below. 

Vote in our poll now

A huge thank you for your feedback. 

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