How to get an animation job

How to get an animation job
(Image credit: Drew Hartel)

Landing an animation job and strengthening your skillset isn't always easy. I remember being so frustrated when trying to figure out how to get into the industry. Do I need to go to college, do I need a mentor, or is it like a contest and if I get an internship then I’m the lucky guy who gets to be trained to work in the industry? Although everybody is a different case and some may take longer to bag their dream animation job than others, you’ll get in as long as you don’t give up.

I put together these 15 tips to help those who are struggling through that awkward in-between phase and don’t quite know what to do while in the waiting room. Read on and don't give up on your ideal animation job.

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Drew is a film designer who’s worked on animated blockbusters such as Pixar’s Coco and Sony’s recent Academy Award winner, Spider- Man: Into the Spider- Verse. He’s currently creating artwork for Laika for its next untitled film project.