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Pluralsight video course: Animation fundamentals in Maya

Get this free video course from Pluralsight


In this course, brought to you by Mark Masters, anyone wanting to make the step from stills to animation will gain useful and useable insights into how to best approach their character animations. 

Character animation can be a daunting task to undertake but this detailed, easy-to-follow course makes the process intuitive and rewarding. After completing this six-hour course, even absolute beginners will feel confident animating in Maya. 

Software required: Maya

Download the video course here (1.23GB)

Tutorial: Concept Mystical Monsters

Learn how to create this underwater creature

Luca Nemolato shares his techniques for creating impactful creature designes for films, games and TV shows. 

Download your files here (24MB)
Download the video here  (19.4MB)

Composite large-scale explosions

Learn how to comp explosions into footage

In this video tutorial Paul Champion shows you how to composite explosions into your footage using Vray and Nuke.

Download your files here (12.9MB)

Download the video here (110.7MB)

Sculpt a goblin for 3D Printing

14 easy steps to sculpt this creature

Framestore's Rishikesh Nandlaskar shares how to make a 3D collectible mushroom goblin in ZBrush.

Download your files here (89.3MB)

Create photo-real interiors in Redshift

Top tips for realistic rooms

Dave Throssell of Fluid Pictures shares how to create a realistic room scene in Redshift.

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Artist Q&A: CG art problems solved

Our CG artists fix your issues

This month our team of artists explains how to make a hair style in Maya, create a disintegration effect, grow plants in Cinema 4D, and colour grade in Resolve.

Download the videos here (198.5 MB)

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