Classic Facebook is no more (and people aren’t happy)

Facebook new
Facebook's new layout is here to stay (Image credit: Facebook)

Facebook unveiled a brand new interface last year and has been slowly seeding it out to users – but not without the option to revert to the classic style if preferred. According to a newly updated Facebook support page though, that's all about to change. From next month, all users are stuck with the new Facebook layout whether they like it or not (and it seems there are quite a few in the latter camp).

Announced at 2019's Facebook F8 conference, the new interface is the platform's biggest redesign in a decade. Gone is the signature blue navigation bar, in favour of a much more minimal, white design (above) – or black if you opt for the brand new dark mode. It's certainly a cleaner look, but if you're not a fan of the design, it seems Facebook's answer will soon be 'tough luck'. (If you're looking for web design inspiration, check out our best website mockups.)


Classic Facebook users are being greeted with this message  (Image credit: Facebook)

If you're currently using the new layout and want to make the most of classic Facebook before it disappears into the ether, you can revert back to it by clicking the arrow in the top right of the screen and selecting 'Switch to Classic Facebook'. But the support page (opens in new tab) detailing these instructions has now been updated with an extra caveat: "Starting in September, everyone will have the new design".

Classic Facebook

Bye-bye blue bar: Classic Facebook's days are numbered (Image credit: Future)

While we appreciate the contemporary cleanness of the new design (and we're certainly fans of dark mode – here's how to activate it on desktop), we can't help but feel the whole thing was designed mainly with mobile in mind. With its huge images, focus on Stories and abundance of plain white space, the desktop experience can feel like staring at an enormous, stretched smartphone UI. Facebook calls the design "wider and more immersive" in a message greeting first-time users of the new layout (above), but it seems many aren't impressed:

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While Facebook hasn't said exactly when the Classic UI will disappear, with just a week to go until September, it's probably time start saying goodbye to the blue bar. And if the change is enough to make you jump ship to Instagram for good (though don't forget that Facebook now owns Insta, too), there are plenty of tricks to make that profile look exactly how you want it to – check out 10 must-know Instagram tips for creatives (opens in new tab).  

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