Brand new The Batman logo will make you see red

The Batman logo
Look, it's the new bloody Batman logo! (Image credit: Matt Reeves)

Days ahead of the online-only DC FanDome event, which will no doubt give us our first glimpse of the latest upcoming Batman film, director Matt Reeves has taken to Twitter to reveal the caped crusader's edgy new logo. 

The design can probably be summed up in a single word: red. Unlike recent films' metallic black/grey aesthetic, 2021's The Batman seems to have been given a decidedly pulpy look. Set against a black background, the blood-red text features a scrawled Bat symbol, along with a nice dose of splattered ink. Check out our how to design a logo guide if you're looking to make your own. 

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It all looks very gritty, which may well be indicative of the film's tone – according to IGN,  Andy Serkis (who plays Alfred in the film) says we can expect a "darker, broodier" Batman in Robert Pattinson. And if the redness is anything to go by, perhaps bloodier too. We're fans of the new design – the splash of colour is a refreshing departure from the monochrome design of the Christopher Nolan era.  

Batman poster

The new DC FanDome poster by DC artist Jim Lee  (Image credit: Matt Reeves)

Along with the new logo, Reeves shared a new Batman-themed DC FanDome poster by DC artist Jim Lee. Spoiler alert: it's red. Taking the crimson theme to a whole new level, the poster (above) depicts a stylised take on Pattinson's Batman. Like many of the best posters, the two-tone black-and-red design is both bold and striking. The combination of the new logo and poster has left us intrigued about how the film's palette will actually look. If we had to guess, we'd say red.

We hopefully won't have to wait long to find out. Reeves says we'll see more of The Batman at DC FanDome, which begins tomorrow and is free for all fans to virtually attend. Reeves isn't the first director to reveal a new comic book movie logo ahead of the event – we also recently got our first glimpse of The Suicide Squad's new logo (but we weren't completely sold).

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