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Mesmerising calligraphy video reveals the letter G through the ages

A handwritten G and an emoji with heart eyes.
(Image credit: Sam Lester/Apple/Future)

Ever wondered what the letter 'G' looked like through the ages? Well, you're about to find out with this gloriously satisfying video. We're suckers for hand-written calligraphy, and this viral tweet has us drooling over some seriously gorgeous handwriting.

A calligrapher on Twitter has posted a video of how the letter 'G' would've been written throughout time. The video features eight handwritten 'G's in different fonts, from serifs to scripts, and we're obsessed. Searching for some fonts? Make sure you check out our roundup of the best places to download free fonts

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Using different types of fountain pens, Twitter user and typographer Seb Lester writes the letter 'G' in Rustic Capital, Roman Capital, Roman Uncial, Uncial, Textura, Chancery Script, Bâtarde and English Roundhand fonts. Lest explains that, "Bâtarde was revered in princely courts for its pleasing simplicity and the speed at which it could be written, one of the reasons it ended up replacing Gothic styles in some parts of Europe".

Lester goes on to say that, "Calligraphers will tell you that the Roman Capital 'G' is particularly satisfying to draw" and describes the Roman Capital 'G' as "so beautiful", to which we have to agree. It seems as though everyone is loving the video, and many have commented on Lester's tweet. One Twitter user responded, "A soothing start to the day. Thank you," and another replied with, "Very meditative". 

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We're feeling seriously zen after watching the video and are very jealous that we don't have such beautiful penmanship. If you're hoping to improve your handwriting and practice calligraphy, then why not treat yourself to one of the best Rotring pens. Or if you're looking for beautiful lettering in a digital format, then have a look at best free fonts for designers.  

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