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Get top advice from DNeg, Framestore and MPC artists

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What is it?

YouTube is great, Patreon is making training inroads and DVD courses certainly have their place but there are times when you don't need step-by-step instruction to duplicate a project. You might need very specific guidance on a stumbling block that you've hit, even as a working pro.

This is where 3D World's Q & A section comes in very handy. You can submit a question and we then find the member of our expert panel most suited to answering you.

Well, imagine that on another level, with instant mentoring, help and advice from some of the best artists in their fields, and that is what you will find at Vertex 2018.

Who will be there?

We have a growing list of industry veterans and experts on hand at Vertex to answer your specific questions, from our very own Q&A writers Ant Ward and Maya Jermy, through to the likes of Peter Seager of DNeg, Joel Best of Framestore and Valentina Rosselli of MPC.

They each bring vast pools of knowledge to the table and will happily help you work through your issue. This is a massive opportunity for you to cross bridges, take the next step in building your own skills and to tap into the mindsets of some incredible talent. This is unique to Vertex and not to be missed.

More on Vertex

Vertex 2018 is the event bringing together all areas of the VFX/3D community, for a day of presentations, workshops, recruitment and more.

Some of the biggest names in the industry are coming to talk and share their skills and knowledge, from Chris Nichols and Brett Ineson, to Scott Ross.

Tickets are available at the Vertex site, so head over to sign up for the latest news direct to your inbox and to buy tickets. The tickets themselves range from discounted student options, to free expo tickets and the access all areas passes.

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