Making The Creator's VFX: "we filmed in a guerrilla-efficient way"

The Creator; a small child stands in front of a large robot
(Image credit: Images courtesy of 20th Century Studios)

The Creator is an incredible movie, and now it's Oscar nomination for Best Visual Effects has put this sci-fi fable back at the top of our must-view lists. The Creator delivered some beautiful and evocative sci-fi imaginary and it did it on a smaller budget that most genre films. How was it done?

Filmmaker Gareth Edwards made his name by creating the VFX himself in Photoshop for his movie Monsters and went on to direct Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The Creator in many ways takes the director back his roots as a visual effects artist, searching for new ways to innovate on a smaller budget. (For example The Creator has a clever VFX detail have brings its androids to life.)

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Trevor Hogg

Trevor Hogg is a freelance video editor and journalist, who has written for a number of titles including 3D World, VFX Voice, Animation Magazine and British Cinematographer. An expert in visual effects, he regularly goes behind the scenes of the latest Hollywood blockbusters to reveal how they are put together.