Heinz challenges the public to draw ketchup – and the results are hilarious

Heinz ketchup drawing campaign
(Image credit: CNW Group/Kraft Heinz Canada)

If there's one thing that always brings us immense amounts of joy here at Creative Bloq, it's social experiments that involve the public drawing logos and products of well-known brands from memory. And this recent one from Heinz is no exception.

The famous condiment maker recently teamed up with creative agency ReThink Canada in a campaign that asked people around the globe to do a simple task: draw ketchup. And while some of the reactions and results are hilarious, it's certainly an eye-opener in to the power of branding (see our feature on brands with outstanding uses of colour for more examples) . 

The confused looks from various participants when asked are brilliant. But even more so are the drawings they come up with, which you can see in all their glory here:

But while this experiment provided us with a few laughs (we particularly love the guy at the end who gets it horribly but hilariously wrong), it certainly goes a way to proving that when people think of ketchup, there's only one brand on their minds.

"Consumers love the unmistakable taste of Heinz, and people around the world give credit to Heinz Ketchup as the original and only option out there," says Daniel Gotlib, Associate Director of Brand Building & Innovation at Kraft Heinz Canada. "When we anonymously asked consumers to simply draw ketchup, we learned that when people think ketchup, they think and visualise Heinz – everything from our deep red colour and distinctive name to the keystone label and, of course, our iconic glass bottle."

While it's true every participant featured in the video drew Heinz Ketchup, some clearly remember the 'iconic bottle' slightly differently to the real-life version. But they're not the only ones with somewhat distorted recollections, as these brilliant car logos drawn from memory prove. 

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