People are only just realising their iPad can power their iPhone

The iPad can do a lot of things. You can use it to watch media, play games, draw and even work. But it seems that a lot of people didn't realise it has another trick built in, and one that could help you our if your phone dies.

A tech YouTuber has shared a video pointing out that the iPad can charge an iPhone. All you need is a USB-C to lightning cable (at least until we get a USB-C iPhone), and you charge up your phone from your tablet (if you're looking for a new iPad, see our list of the iPad generations to see all your options).

The video above was shared on YouTube by gaming tech blogger Ben Rowland, who was amazed to discover that the iPad can charge an iPhone via a USB-C to Lightning cable. The video's chalked up 24K likes, suggesting many other people didn't realise either. 

It's a neat option if you find your phone running out of juice and all you have is an iPad. Just as long as keeping your iPad battery running isn't a priority. If there's no other option, sacrificing your iPad battery might be a decision you're prepared to take. In the video above, Rowland demonstrates the charging ability with an iPad, but, as many have pointed out in the comments, the technique will work with plenty of other devices to, including Android devices or even a Nintendo Switch.

While some are impressed, others can't believe that people are just discovering the hack. "Are you telling me that I can use a USB port as a USB port?" one person quipped. "We can draw with it, create 3D models, work, even operate the Mac screen on it... but the craziest thing is that it can charge an iPhone. Mindblowing: AirPods work too," someone else jested. "I bet you didn’t know this, but if you connect the USB-C cable to a charging brick instead of an iPhone it actually charges your iPad," was another comment.

If you need an iPad, whether to charge your iPhone or for its many other more impressive features, see the best prices below. For full details on the newest base iPad, see our iPad 2022 review. And if you want a more convenient charging solution to keep your phone running, see our pick of the best power banks.

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