The best iPad Pro cases with a keyboard and without in 2022

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The best iPad Pro cases can help to protect your tablet from smudges, spills and scratches – something you definitely want to avoid if you've just invested in one of Apple's most high-end tablets. Many of them can also serve as stands, unlocking more functionality, while the best iPad Pro cases with a keyboard go further, allowing you to turn your tablet into a laptop.

The iPad Pro, available in 11in and 12.9in screen sizes, is a portable powerhouse for creativity, with a dazzling display, super fast performance thanks to Apple's own silicon (on the 2021 and 2022 generations), and Apple Pencil 2 support. They have a solid build, but they're not indestructible, which is why you'll probably want one of the best iPad Pro cases to keep your device safe.

A case can protect the tablet from getting dirty when it's in a bag and offers a buffer against scratches or bumps. And cases that all you to prop the tablet up can make it a lot more useful for working, browsing, drawing and entertainment. Below, we've made our pick of the best iPad Pro 12.9 cases and the best iPad Pro 11 cases available now. We've based our selection on our own reviews and experiences with each brand, stated features and build and customer reviews (see more about how we test and review).

If you're not sure which iPad you have, see our list of the iPad generations, which now include two new 2022 iPad Pros – the iPad Pro 12.9 6th generation and iPad Pro 11 4th generation. These come in the same sizes as the 2021 generations, and most cases and sleeves for the previous models will fit them, but always check to make sure.

If you've not yet bought an iPad Pro, see our guide to the best iPad Pro deals. And if you've got hold of Apple's latest smartphone, make sure you see our pick of the best iPhone 14 cases.

The best iPad Pro cases available today

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How should I choose the best iPad Pro case?

Whether you're looking for the best iPad Pro 12.9 cases or the best iPad Pro 11 cases, the first thing to decide is what features you need and how much protection you want. The best iPad Pro cases with a keyboard can be useful not only for protecting the device but also for allowing you to use it like a laptop – something that's more feasible than ever with the power of the new 2022 M2-powered iPad Pros. For this, we recommend Apple's own Smart Keyboard Folio – or Logitech's Combo Touch if you want a trackpad.

These cases and folio-style iPad Pro cases also have the advantage of acting like a stand, allowing you to prop your iPad Pro up into a more comfortable position for watching media, browsing, taking notes or drawing. Tomtoc's nifty vertical iPad Pro case can even hold the Pro in a vertical position.

Another thing to consider is price. The best iPad Pro cases overall aren't exactly cheap. Apple's own Smart Folio retails at $79 / $89, and some of the best third-party cases have similar prices. That said, if you simply want to protect your device from scratches and you aren't too concerned about looks, there are very affordable iPad Pro cases available. Those from JETech and ESR are decent options.

Finally, you might also want to consider an iPad Pro sleeve. These can offer an alternative to a case if you think you don't need the protection of a hard cover – for example, if the device will already be well cushioned inside a bag. They can also be used in addition to a case, to provide extra cushioning. Just make sure that you always look at the specifications of each case and sleeve to check that it fits your iPad Pro model.

Will an older iPad Pro case fit the iPad Pro 2022?

It depends. The 2022 iPad Pro 12.9 6th generation and iPad Pro 11 4th generation come in the same sizes as the Pro 2021. However, despite the screen sizes being the same, there are some differences. The 2022 iPad Pros are very slightly thicker than their predecessors, which means they may need a dedicated case when it comes to products that have a very snug fit. 

With sleeves, there should be no problem, and some iPad Pro 2021 cases are also being advertised as suitable for the new iPads. To be sure, only buy a case that specifically says that it is suitable for your iPad.

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