Apple Pencil Pro: Everything you need to know

Apple Pencil Pro
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Apple has been spoiling creatives lately with some exciting new tools for digital artists, one of which being the latest Apple Pencil Pro model. Available now from most retailers, the Apple Pencil Pro is compatible with the latest 2024 iPad models only, so you might need to look for an Apple Pencil alternative if you own one of the earlier iPad models. We've been keeping tabs on deals as well as the best Apple Pencil Prices for a while now, and the Apple Pencil Pro sits at $129 / £129, which is the exact same price as the second-generation Apple Pencil.

There are a ton of new sensors within the barrel of the device, which can allow the Apple Pencil Pro to sense grip and squeezes from the user in order to bring up a handy tool palette. There's also the new Barrel Roll effect, haptic feedback responses, and support for the 'Find My' location tool for misplacing your pencil – which we'll go into more detail on in the features section. 

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Key Specs
DimensionsLength: 166 mm (6.53 inches) Diameter: 8.9 mm (0.35 inches)
WeightWeight: 19.15 grams (0.68 ounces)
SystemiPadOS 17.5 or later
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