Is it time you learned Unreal Engine?

In 3D World issue 213, some of the leading artists behind two real-time films, Adam and Hellblade share their processes and insights.

Using Unity 5.5 and Unreal Engine 4, two teams of artists, game developers and filmmakers share their vision of the future of CG art and filmmaking. And leaders in the field at Unity Technologies, Epic Games and Ninja Theory explain how real-time rendering is going to affect your artwork and job prospects.

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Training this issue takes a lead from real-time rendering, with part two of the Amazon Lumberyard game engine tutorial. Plus, this issue learn to render a windy scene in 3ds Max, develop your ZBrush and Maya modelling skills and simulate a water splash on RealFlow. 

Plus, discover how the CG industry is already embracing real-time techniques, as we explore the VFX behind Steven Spielberg’s BFG. Also this issue the team scoop a look at Disney’s new animated movie, Moana and explore new techniques for animating water.

As with every issue there’s free video training and assets for many of 3D World #213’s tutorials, and this issue we partner with Pluralsight to offer a free, six-hour video course covering Houdini. 

Also in issue 213:

  • The best CG art from the community
  • Making the Interceptor game concept mech
  • Artist Q&A: Your CG problems solved
  • Film VFX: Making Suicide Squad
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The real-time VFX behind the BFG
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Disney’s Moana, how water is being animated
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Discover the future of CG media and filmmaking
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Discover the winners of this year’s Rookies.
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Get started in Amazon Lumberyard – part 2
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Discover the best art from the CG community
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Use particles to create a splash

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