Buzzfeed's new typeface will be your new most hated font


The distinctive handwriting of Donald Trump can now be used by designers and art directors thanks to a recently released typeset courtesy of Buzzfeed and Font Bureau. Named after an insult that has haunted Trump over the years, the Tiny Hand font is based on the diagonal, capitalised notes handwritten by the Republican candidate on various notes and memos.

Having studied the chunky, almost comical lettering of Donald Trump closely, typographer Mark Davis set about digitising the handwriting so it could be downloaded used by designers. Thanks to the wide range of source material, Davis has also been able to create variants for many of the characters.

Handwritten notes were closely studied to capture his idiosyncratic style

Due to its eerie attempt of recreating a human style, Buzzfeed have said that Tiny Hand is set to become the next Comic Sans. But while the font is sure to irritate Trump himself, at least the rest of us can have fun writing satirical scribblings in his handwriting. So if you want to make you typography great again, download Tiny Hand here for free.