I'm not sure how to feel about Kanye West's McDonald's packaging design

Kanye West x McDonald's
(Image credit: GQ/McDonald's)

Ah, Kanye West (or should I say, Ye?). The Chicago-born rapper has created quite the name for himself through a number of his projects (and troublesome tweets). Now the hip hop musician and Yeezy founder has taken on a whole new endeavour which we never expected. 

Mr West has shared a slightly ominous photo of a concept design for McDonald's packaging. Partnered with artist Naoto Fukasawa, West's packaging takes a more bleak approach to the chain restaurants' vibrant burger boxes – and I'm not sure how to feel about it. If you would like to have a go at designing your own packaging, then why not download Photoshop and get creating?

West has collaborated with Muji to bring his McDonald's vision to life. The reimagined McDonald's box is currently the only post on West's Instagram account, making it look fairly sinister. With a bleak colour palette and an almost pixelated texture, the packaging is pretty uninspiring to look at (Ye should've taken note from Burger King's genius flat rebrand). 

West has captioned the design, "Ye teams up with industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa to reimagine McDonald’s packaging". And then also shared it on his story (see below) captioned, "Next week it's the fries". However, if the boring burger box is anything to go by, I can't say I'm particularly excited about it. 

Kanye West's Instagram story

(Image credit: Kanye West)

Apart from feeling completely baffled about the fact that Kanye is trying to branch out into the world of package design, I have to say I don't like the new look. The packaging is bland with a lack of colour, and the burger on the outside of the box it just looks like a worse version of the McDonald's new flat design that was launched last February. 

It looks as though I'm not the only one feeling bemused by the unexpected rapper/restaurant collaboration. Many users have flooded Twitter with comments about the peculiar design. One user tweeted, "Who decided Kanye West should get a say in McDonald's branding? What nightmare hellscape do we live in?" and another said, "Kanye, please leave my McDonald's box alone". Of course, a bizarre collaboration like this has raised some eyebrows and lead to a number of funny tweets (see below). 

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We will have to wait and see if Kanye West's curious collaboration with McDonald's will become a reality. But in the meantime, why not have a go at designing your very own burger branding? Check out our roundup of the best branding books to get inspired then download Illustrator to get creating. 

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