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Launch your website with The Ultra Web Hosting Starter Kit

A web presence is essential no matter what you do, but setting up a site can be a pain without the knowhow. Luckily for you, The Ultra Web Hosting Starter Kit has everything you need to launch it for just $49.99 (approx. £41). For more options take a look at our guide to the best web hosting services.

This kit has everything you could need to get your website online. From simple hosting services to security tools such as password protected directories, it’s the perfect tool for your first website. You’ll also enjoy tools such as CloudLinux protection and custom Apache handlers if you’re seeking more advanced options.

The Ultra Web Hosting Starter Kit usually retails for $159, but you can get it for just $49.99 (approx. £41). That gets you a year of service, including unlimited domains and an SSL certificate – all for 68% off the retail price!