iPhone 15 rumoured to feature seductive MacBook Pro design

iPhone 15 rumours are coming in thick and fast now that the iPhone 14 has been out for, what, a whole two months. From rumours of a titanium iPhone 15 Ultra to an iPhone with USB-C and no buttons, there's plenty of speculation about what Apple will have in store for us next year. 

To those rumours, we can now add the suggestion that Apple's planning a design tweak inspired by one of its other flagship products, the MacBook Pro. And many users think that could be a good thing (see our Apple Black Friday roundup if you're looking for any late deals on Apple gear).

Product shots of the 2021 MacBook Pro 16 from each side showing its ports

The latest MacBook Pros are flat on top but rounded underneath (Image credit: Apple)

We're not expecting the iPhone 15 to be launched until September 2023, which is when Apple normally announces its new smartphones. But, as always, we're already hearing a tantalising mix of leaks from insiders, rumours from dedicated Apple observers and analysts and all-out conjecture and speculation from fans.

The most recent report comes from Twitter user ShrimpApplePro, who claims to have information suggesting that Apple wants to bring some design elements from the MacBook to the iPhone. Specifically, the claim is that both the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro will have slightly different housing. They will keep their current flat front but ditch the flat edges on the back of the phone for slightly rounded edges (yes, like the iPhone 5C, but not made from plastic).

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This is an approach introduced in the MacBook Pros, which have sharp flat edges on the top but round edges on the bottom. But of course iPhones of the past have had rounded edges too, as do many other phones. They provide more comfortable ergonomics in the hand, which would probably make this a welcome change for many iPhone users who don't use a case for their phone (see our pick of the best iPhone 14 cases if you need a case for Apple's latest).

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Many people have welcomed the report on Shrimp's post, saying they've been wanting this since.. well, iPhone 11. "I've been asking for this all along," one person wrote. "This will feel more comfortable to hold," someone else said. Not everyone's convinced though. "Instead of going to the future, we are going to the iPhone 4 design from years ago, and it does not have as much ergonomics as the 4," on person griped.

Shrimp may have had access to information from suppliers, and a switch to rounded edges is a rumour that we've heard before so I'd lean towards giving some credence to the rumour. But, on the other hand, Shrimp says the chassis will be made out of titanium, but, while we've heard that might be the plan for the rumoured iPhone 15 Ultra, the price of titanium makes me think this is very unlikely for the standard iPhone 15, and even the iPhone 15 Ultra.

Really, it's far to early to know for sure what the iPhone 15 will bring, but many will be hoping for a more notable upgrade than what we got with the iPhone 14. For the best prices on Apple's latest range, see below.

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