So, it looks like Madonna just gave birth to a tree?

A 3D render of Madonna for an NFT
(Image credit: Beeple, Mother of Nature, 2021)

Pop legend Madonna and NFT artist Beeple have combined talents to create the Mother of Creation NFT project, in which a tree grows out of the singing icon's vagina. It's a shocker, of course, and quite bizarre, but is on trend for Madonna who has spent her career as a provocateur. However, we kind of think she may have misjudged this NFT.

The elements are there for something amazing; Beeple is behind the breakout NFT Everydays: the First 5000 Days, that set a new record for NFT sales and kickstarted everything and Madonna is, well… Madonna. Non-fungible tokens are a way to register digital files on the blockchain, creating scarcity. Read our NFT tips guide and advice to how to create an NFT for free to know more.

Madonna and Beeple's team-up is a series of rendered digital videos – entitled Mother of Nature, Mother of Evolution, and Mother of Technology – and each one is, frankly, very graphic. One sees a digital Madonna give birth to a tree, another butterflies escape her vagina and in the third a mechanical centipede scurries from her lady garden. *I can't believe I'm writing this.* 

You can watch it for yourself at the Madonna X Beeple Mother of Creation NFT page. But this is NSFW so click at your discretion. 

A tree grows out of a woman

A detailed render of a tree grows out of pop icon Madonna (Image credit: Beeple, Mother of Nature, 2021)

What's even stranger (really?!?) is Madonna's vagina is even more realistically rendered than her face, which has a plastic stiffness. We're informed this is Madonna's Vajayjay, scanned and modelled. There's a message in here somewhere but we're truffle-hunting for it like a vaginal escapee.

There's a reason, of course, as Madonna states in a press release: “I wanted to investigate the concept of creation, not only the way a child enters the world through a woman’s vagina, but also the way an artist gives birth to creativity.”

The three NFT video artworks will be auctioned off today on the exclusive NFT marketplace SuperRare. There is a utility behind Madonna's rendered eco-vagina as proceeds will be donated to three different charities. Recipients will be The Voices of Children Foundation, which helps women in Ukraine; The City of Joy is a leadership program for women in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo; finally Black Mama’s Bail Out offers funds to bail out black mothers and caregivers from prison.

Butterflies emerge from post icon Madonna

Butterflies emerge from Madonna as the world collapses (Image credit: Beeple, Mother of Nature, 2021)

Okay, we're being nasty and it's hard to really take offence at an NFT project which aims to do so much good. As with many of Madonna's projects this Beeple NFT collaboration grabs our attention for all the wrong reasons in order to do something very right – donating to important charities. 

We've known for some time that the future of NFTs could be with those that hold uses, as discussed in our NFT art and the future of NFTs with Bilali Mack and speculation of an NFT crash also shows a bright future for projects that have a use; whether that's creating video games and films or raising money for good causes.

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