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Master the art of WordPress with this comprehensive training

WordPress makes the web go round. The platform is extremely customisable and ready to be crafted into the perfect site for whatever you need. Learn to make the most of WordPress with the 2017 WordPress Hero Bundle. Plus you can pick what you pay for it!

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By the time you're finished with the 2017 WordPress Hero Bundle, you'll be building amazing websites for all sorts of different purposes and projects. These courses cover everything from the basics of building a fundamentally sound site to how to build and manage an ecommerce platform. It hits on all essentials for any web designer hosting their site on WordPress.

This bundle is packed with $1,243 worth of WordPress content, but you can set the price you pay for it! Beat the average, get on the leaderboard, or just pick a price that fits your budget. No matter what you pay, you’ll get great courses that will be well worth the price.