Fans are divided over 'new' Doctor Who logo

Doctor Who looking surprised
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Doctor Who is a TV series that seems to defy the laws of time in every way, not only in its elaborate story arcs. One of the longest-running series on television, it continues to capture new fans around the world 59 years after making its debut in 1963. Now it seems the Doctor Who logo can travel in time as well as the Doctor himself, and that's causing more controversy than some of show's most head-scratching twists to the space-time continuum.

The BBC has just revealed a glimpse of the 2023 Doctor Who logo for the series' diamond anniversary, but fans are divided on the design. It will look very familiar to some, but younger fans have been left perplexed.

Next year will mark an incredible 60 years since William Hartnell first stepped out of the TARDIS, making it the series' diamond anniversary. In a video teaser, the BBC has revealed that to commemorate the occasion, the 2023 Doctor Who logo will be a new take on a classic, bringing back the iconic diamond logo from the Tom Baker years.

The original diamond Doctor Who logo first appeared during Jon Pertwee's last season as the Third Doctor in 1973, it was used right through Tom Baker's long tenure up until 1980, and it continued to feature on video releases and books right up to the 1990s.

Doctor Who logos

The history of the Doctor Who logo over time (Image credit: BBC / Future)

Bringing back the diamond for the show's diamond anniversary could be considered as clever or lazy depending on your view. Some tweaks have been made to make the logo look more sleek and modern, with the 'WHO' notably slimmer, but it's pretty much the logo that older fans will know. Some are loving the retro vibes and the homage to past seasons, but others think it's tired or don't get the reference at all.

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"The classic series fan in me is screaming!," one fan wrote on Twitter. "This has made me ridiculously excited, and it’s only a logo," someone else wrote. But others aren't convinced. "It's the laziest thing they could have pulled out: 70's logo with a fresh coat of paint and spot of liposuction," one person tweeted. "Big geriatric Rolling Stones vibes. The character is supposed to time travel, not the audience," someone else quipped.

Some younger fans not familiar with the diamond Doctor Who logo of the 1970s seem to see Disney's hand in the design. Following the news that Doctor Who will now be shown on Disney Plus outside of the UK and Ireland, they're describing the logo as "cartoonish" and more childish. The design has even been compared to the Paw Patrol logo.

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The BBC has also revealed a sneak peek of what's to come in three special episodes to mark the anniversary in November 2023. David Tennant will return as the Doctor before handing over to Sex Education star Ncuti Gatwa. Meanwhile, Russell T Davies, the series' showrunner from 2005 to 2010 is returning as head writer and executive producer.

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The new Doctor Who logo and trailer have raised a lot of excitement a good year ahead of the release of the anniversary episodes, so they seem to have done their job whatever fans think of the throwback design. And now people want to know what the hookup with Disney could lead to, and whether we might see Daleks and cybermen at Disney parks.

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