These radical iPhone 15 concepts are both weird and wonderful

With the iPhone 14 now on the streets, Apple fans are busy dreaming up wishlists for the iPhone 15, which we assume will be released next September. And while Apple hasn't made many changes to the overall design of its smartphones for a long time, people have some fanciful ideas of what Cupertino's finest could do with its next iterations.

Two proposals in particular have caught our attention, one for a folding iPhone 15 and another for the rumoured iPhone 15 Ultra, which is shown with a new always-on screen on the back of the phone (f if you don't want to wait to see if Apple comes out with anything resembling these, check out the best iPhone 14 prices and the best iPhone 14 cases today.

Technizo Concept, which designs 3D concepts for smartphones, has offered its take on the rumoured iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Ultra. In two concepts for the latter, it proposes a periscope camera, a USB-C port, and most radically a new screen on the back of the phone, beside the camera array. The idea is that this would house an always-on display, looking a bit like an Apple watch face. 

It's an interesting idea, although some Apple fans aren't quite sure what the point would be when the iPhone already has an always-on display. "So they're adding a watch to the back of the phone, and bang iPhone ultra," one person said. "The design is cool but honestly the display on the back just makes no sense," someone else suggested.

Somebody suggested the extra screen could be used as a backup if the main screen breaks, but that doesn't seem like a solution Apple would go in for. All the same, this kind of out-of-the-box thinking is perhaps what Apple needs to come up with a more radical overhaul amid complaints from some fans that iPhones have been following the same design for years.

The same people have also come up with a concept for an iPhone 15 Flip. While Apple hasn't yet followed Samsung into the foldable phone market, we've been hearing rumours that it's working on a foldable iPhone for years. Technizo Concept suggests that this will look something like the Galaxy Z Flip but that it will have a thinner display and a cheaper price tag (we won't hold our breath regarding the latter).

Again, a small always-on display is proposed for the front of the phone. In this case, it would make more sense, allowing you to see the time and other data while the device is folded close. However, many people are commenting that they don't think they'll see a foldable phone from Apple for at least another several years.

Will we see Apple take up any of these ideas? We're not convinced, but it is widely rumoured that the iPhone 15 will include an Ultra variant in its lineup, following the lead of the new Apple Watch Ultra. The latest iPhone 15 Ultra rumour suggests that the device could be made from titanium instead of stainless steel. It's also been suggested that the phone could have a dual selfie camera. There's quite a long wait ahead until we find out. Until then, here are the best prices we're seeing on the recently released iPhone 14 lineup.

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