The extravagant Level Lock+ is raising eyebrows among Apple fans

Product shot of Level Lock+
(Image credit: Level)

We're big fans of Apple here at Creative Bloq. Cupertino's finest makes some of the sleekest and best-designed tech products around. And when it gives its seal of approval to a third-party product by offering it on its own website, that tends to be a guarantee of quality too. But the latest accessory in the Apple Store has raised a few eyebrows, even among those used to Apple pricing.

The tech giant is selling a shiny new door lock from smart home company Level Home. The price? Just $329.95 – the cost of the entry-level iPad (if you're looking to save money on any Apple products, make sure you see our roundup of the best Apple deals).

Product shot of Level Lock+

The Level Lock+ works with Apple's Home Keys (Image credit: Level)

Apple already sells several third-party smart locks – the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock and Yale Assure in the US and Nuki in the UK – but the latest offering is considerably more expensive. In a launch that reminds us of those astronomically priced MacBook Pro wheels, Apple's now selling the Level Lock+, made by Level Home Inc. It's an Apple-exclusive designed to allow the Home Keys feature on the iPhone or Apple Watch to be used instead of a key.

Using an NFC antenna, the lock allows users to simply tap their phone or watch to unlock their homes. It will show in the Wallet app and it has Home Key features like the ability to use power reserve to unlock a door even if the ‌iPhone‌ is out of juice. Level says the lock takes just 15 minutes to install with a screwdriver. Access can be shared with guests using the Level app and there's a function to automatically lock and unlock as a keyed device comes into range.

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The Twitterverse has a few things to say about the price of the Level Lock+. One person replied to Level's tweet: "Shocked about the price of this... the fact that this is only Bluetooth is nuts for the price." "Pretty cool until you get to that price… $330 like wtf," someone else said on Twitter. Others are unconvinced that a smart lock is any quicker or more convenient than using a code pad, or even just an old-fashioned key. Others fear it isn't the most secure option. "So instead of a steel bar protecting my door, I have to rely on the sheer strength of a Duracell battery?" one person asked.

We have to admit the lock does look pretty sleek, though. It looks more like a traditional door lock than some other smart locks, which tend to be bulkier things. We can almost imagine an Apple logo on it. All that's missing is a matching Apple-approved doorknob or latch, although we dread to think how much they would cost. If you're tempted, the Level Lock+ is available in Satin Nickel or Matte Black for $329 on the Apple website in the US.

The new smart lock isn't the only new product in the Apple Store to raise eyebrows lately. Fans have been left confused by the new iPad 2022 lineup, and it seems the iPhone 14 Plus hasn't exactly captured consumers' imaginations. Apple has never been cheap, and it seems determined to push more expensive products (especially if the latest iPhone 15 Ultra rumour is to be believed).

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