"Worst logo ever" is a shocker

We see some outstanding logo designs here at Creative Bloq, but we also see some logos that stand out for all the wrong reasons. And this frightening eyesore is one of those. Apparently designed for a plastic surgeon, the logo has just been discovered by Reddit, and designers are sticking the knife in.

Hilarious and terrifying in equal measure, it looks more like the logo for a serial killer than a surgeon and has been compared to Monsters Inc's Mike Wazowski or a monster from Jonny Quest. It would probably kill off what inclination anyone might have to go under the knife, but if you are looking for a surgeon who can chisel you a giant cyclops-like eye with a carving knife, this could be the provider for you (to learn how to get logos right, see our guide to how to design a logo).

The frightening logo was shared on Reddit's r/crappydesign channel by a user named Phedericus, who said it was for a plastic surgery company. The name of the company wasn't revealed, nor whether the logo is actually in use, but we'd be amazed if the doctors had any patients.

The design features an enormous eye starting out directly over a huge mouth with green teeth that merges into what appears to be a cheap carving knife. Every decision just seems wrong, from the odd eyelashes to the lack of symmetry in the off-centre placement and the different thicknesses of the two sweeping crescent shapes, which give the design an even more monstrous lopsided feel.

Other users on Reddit can't believe their eyes. "I hope the surgeon is better than the designer," one person said. "This is bad in such a bizarre way. So many specific unfortunate choices were made," someone added, while another user suggested: "someone did a quick google image search for 'graphic design principles', and their only takeaway was some swoopy lines meant to draw the gaze in, but accidentally making it look like a weird telecom company."

The original poster said: "It seems like 2-3 ideas badly smashed together randomly. I’ve seen AI-generated stuff with much better colors and shapes, this is just… plain damn ugly." And to prove it Phedericus had DALL-E 2 generate up some logos for a plastic surgery company, with equally terrifying results.

ai generated logos"

With its cyclops-meets-Joker feel, this design is certainly a contender for our pick of the worst logos of the year. If you think you can do better, see below for the best current prices on Adobe's Creative Cloud suite of apps to tool up with software that can help create your own logo designs – or see our guide to the best graphic design software.

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Joseph Foley

Joe is a regular freelance journalist and editor at Creative Bloq. He writes news and features, updates buying guides and keeps track of the best equipment for creatives, from monitors to accessories and office supplies. A writer and translator, he also works as a project manager at London and Buenos Aires-based design and branding agency Hermana Creatives, where he manages a team of designers, photographers and video editors who specialise in producing photography, video content, graphic design and collaterals for the hospitality sector. He enjoys photography, particularly nature photography, wellness and he dances Argentine tango.