New Golden Syrup packaging celebrates Pancake Day


In the run up to pancake day, which, this year, falls on 28 February, Lyle's Golden Syrup has revamped its packaging design with the help of independent brand design agency Design Bridge. The syrup's traditional dead lion logo complete with buzzing flies has been temporarily sidelined in favour of an exciting design that visually communicates the tradition of flipping a pancake.

The playful design has been created to encourage consumers to 'make it Pancake Day, every day.' This might not be the healthiest diet choice, but with Lyle's Golden Syrup often spooned and squeezed onto pancakes, it's sure to be a tasty one.

Mike Stride, Creative Director at Design Bridge commented, “We’ve loved creating one-off, limited edition tins for Lyle’s Golden Syrup in the past for special occasions like Christmas and the Queen’s 90th birthday, so it was a new and exciting challenge to create a seasonal tin that will stay on shelf for a much longer period of time.

"The main challenge here was to capture the fun traditions we all associate with Pancake Day while inspiring consumers to enjoy making and eating pancakes more regularly, rather than just on one day of the year.”

See how Design Bridge lived up to the challenge in the gallery below:

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The filigree detailing has been turned into lemon slices
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The text arc itself appears to get a good flipping
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Tiny pancake flipping spatulas can be found in the border artwork
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It's still good enough for the Queen

The new design will appear on tins and squeezy bottles for three months, the longest period of time to date that Golden Syrup has replaced its traditional look.

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