8 Nintendo Switch Pro concept designs you'll wish were real

Nintendo Switch Pro concept
(Image credit: The ToyZone)

Everyone is talking about the upcoming Nintendo Switch Pro and the delights it may bestow upon gamers far and wide, with one of the most gossiped-about elements of the new console being, of course, its design. And a series of concept renders has just been released, which explores every possible angle Nintendo could take the new console in – if the video games giant bases it on previous design.

Including designs adapted from iconic Nintendo consoles and games of the past from the NES to the Game Boy to the GameCube, this project is a super-fun exploration of what would happen if Nintendo brought one of its most classic designs bang up to date in the Switch Pro. Still don't have the first Switch? See these top Nintendo Switch deals and keep an eye on our Amazon Prime Day deals post, too.

Nintendo Switch Pro concept

Imagine playing Goldeneye on this sleek, retro console (Image credit: The ToyZone)

Created by the team at The ToyZone, the designs are mostly comprised of re-situating the controls from the retro consoles to place them around a Switch-like screen, as can be seen from the N64 Switch design (above). Others play with the design of iconic games, like the Mario Kart Switch, below.

Switch pro concept

The boxy shape harks back to a different era (Image credit: The ToyZone)

We especially like the Game Boy Switch, which takes key design elements and transforms them to become a retro-modern fusion.

Nintendo Switch Pro concept

A whole new way of looking at the Game Boy (Image credit: The ToyZone)

We can imagine a super-vibrant display to contrast with past console design would be buckets of fun to play on – and way more interesting to look at than the current Switch control panels, which look somewhat dowdy in comparison. Check out the rest of the designs here or watch the video below.

As the Nintendo super-fan community jested about with this hilarious logo concept, Nintendo does enjoy bringing past branding into its current design, but this probably takes it a little too far for an official release. Though maybe someone could create an unofficial hybrid (it would certainly make more sense than this bizarre giant Switch). We would love the chance to play classic games on these handheld consoles (Goldeneye on the N64 Switch, anyone?).

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