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Glorious online art club is the best thing you'll see all day

As cultural events are cancelled worldwide, some enterprising folks are taking to social media to fill the void. Noel Fielding, co-presenter of the Great British Bake Off, has come up with his own idea to keep the country entertained – a Twitter-based art club. 

Aimed at everyone (but especially kids, he says), participants are invited to submit their art to his Twitter handle – @noelfielding11 – and so far they've been glorious. If you'd like to up your art skills and submit one yourself, here's our pick of the best how to draw tutorials. 

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Responses flooded in to his original tweet (above), covering a plethora of mediums including sculpture (see the cat sculpture above), painting, and a particularly special salami snowflake (yes, an actual nibbled salami). Fielding shared the artwork – all based on the theme of 'love', then comedian Joe Lycett chose a winner.

Many of the entrants were children, others adults, and many creations were delightfully-random (as may be expected for fans of Fielding).

Below are some of our favourites, starting with the afore-mentioned salami. 

This rainbow-filled offering is just what we need right now.

A portrait of Fielding and Isla's mum.

And the winning piece was created by a four-year old.

Check out Fielding's Twitter page for more art joy. Want to get involved? The next Art Club is tomorrow 3pm until 5pm. 

Online content is increasingly reflecting the situation we find ourselves in right now, such as this Google Doodle, and these coronavirus-themed logos. This online art club is a brilliant example of social media-based collaboration, aiming to entertain and inspire, bringing communities together online. And we really hope to see more of it.

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