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Social distancing Google doodle is ingeniously simple

We've seen lots of creative responses to coronavirus and the rise of self-isolation over the past few days, and this Google doodle concept by Reddit user NumericalMiracle is an ingeniously simple addition. "If I were a Designer on the Google team," they say, "this is what my doodle would be for now. Simple, but communicates what needs to happen."

Google doodle

(Image credit: NumericalMiracle on Reddit)

While Google doodles have come in all shapes and sizes over the years (check out our list of the best Google Doodle designs) , this is one of the most simple yet effective concepts we've seen. By simply increasing the kerning of the existing 'Google' letters, NumericalMiracle pushes them into their own state of self-isolation. While it might not be blatantly clear at first glance why the letters have been separated, with all the talk of quarantine and isolation right now, it surely wouldn't take long for the penny to drop – and the search box has been autofilled 'social distancing' to drive the message home. 

"Petition for this to become a real google doodle!" one user comments, while another adds, "Send it please to Google, wait does Google have Gmail address?" The doodle concept has certainly captured Reddit's imagination, and we'd love to see it on the Google homepage – as well as being ingeniously simple, it communicates a useful message about importance of social distancing at this time. 

Google doodle

The first ever Google doodle from 1998 (Image credit: Google)

The first Google doodle appeared in 1998, when founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin were going to the Burning Man festival, and wanted to notify users of their absence in case the servers crashed. They added a Burning Man figure to the logo (as a fun out-of-office message) People loved it, and the Google Doodle was born. 

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