Illustrators depict their perfect self-isolation scenario

(Image credit: @Mael_Biskotz on Twitter)

French artists have taken to Twitter to create an incredible collaborative artwork called #CoronaMaison. Using a template of a room with a staircase, each artist has created a depiction of the perfect room in which they'd would be quarantined as a result of coronavirus. 

It all started when illustrator Pélénope Bagieu asked Twitter if anybody who draws would like to create a cadavre exquis (or 'exquisite corpse') in order to keep busy. An exquisite corpse (in case you're worried) is a collaborative artwork – it usually involves drawing something and then concealing it before passing it to the next artist to continue the artwork. 

In this case, the #CoronaMaison artworks can be joined together to create an enormous house – with every room created by a different artist. It's great to see so many styles of illustration all under one roof (check out our art techniques for some more inspiration). After Twitter users suggested a house for the cadavre exquis, @acupoftim created a template (below) for artists to fill with their own interior design.

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It's another heartening display of solidarity in the face of adversity, and we're loving the sheer variety of the designs. Yesterday, we shared that Japanese artists have flooded social media with the mythical Amabie (once thought to ward off epidemics), and #CoronaMaison is another delightfully creative response to Coronavirus. Below are some of our favourite examples.

We love this delightfully detailed line drawing by @RaisonPablo:


(Image credit: @RaisonPablo on Twitter)

@superalienninja says her illustration resembles her workshop at home:


(Image credit: @superalienninja on Twitter)

@_ockto_ 's room looks like a lot of fun: 


(Image credit: @_ockto_ on Twitter)

@Stunfy's illustration takes isolation to a whole new level: 


(Image credit: Stunfy on Twitter)

We love this vision of domestic bliss by @dorarickman:


(Image credit: @dorarickman on Twitter)

@no_gtd's  room is a bohemian dream: 


(Image credit: @no_gtd on Twitter)

And finally, we can't get enough of @Mael_Biskotz's adorable dinosaur house:


(Image credit: @Mael_Biskotz on Twitter)

Search #CoronaMaison on Twitter for many more beautiful examples. The #CoronaMaison house looks a pretty fun place to spend isolation. One thing's for sure – we can't wait to see all of these artworks put together. 

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