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New tool takes the guesswork out of choosing stock

Getting the branding and logo right for any company is never easy, but once that's all done and dusted, another challenge presents itself: how to make that new brand identity look good on paper. If you care about print design then you'll want to ensure that your hard work pairs perfectly with the paper it's printed on, but that can mean having to sort through loads of swatches and samples before, hopefully, you hit on the ideal combination.

Now, though, there's an easy way to ensure that you choose the perfect stock to go with any brand identity or corporate colour scheme. Wigston Paper has just launched its own Paper Lookup Tool, and it makes the business of choosing paper spectacularly straightforward.

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Wigston Paper Lookup Tool

Simply drag your logo into the browser...

All you need to do is have an image file of your logo or brand identity to hand and upload it to the Paper Lookup Tool, and its software will then search Wigston's coloured paper ranges for the closest match to the three most dominant colours in the upload image. It'll then return up to three paper colour suggestions from its various ranges, including Senses Paper, Gmund Colors and Kaskad Folio, leaving you with a much more manageable selection of stock to choose between.

However, if Wigston's suggestions still leave you feeling overwhelmed by choice, there's a secondary service available that makes things even easier for time-pressed designers. Just fill in an online form and Wigston's own colour experts will run a human assessment of the brand to complement the Lookup Tool's results, and then send out a set of the most appropriate samples to you.

Wigston Paper Lookup Tool

Wigston's tool instantly recommends a whole range of suitable paper

Getting colour schemes right can be as much a matter of taste and intuition as it is about knowing the ins and outs of colour theory, so no palette choice is ever going to be objectively perfect. However if you need a way to work out pleasing colour combinations quickly and easily, this could be an essential tool in your print design workflow.

To give Wigston's Paper Lookup Tool a test-drive, simply head this way.

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