I bought a Peloton in last year's Cyber Monday sale expecting to regret it. Now it's my favourite thing – and there's 27% off for 1 more day

Peloton deal
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Okay. It seems a bit out of my lane to be recommending a Peloton offer to you. But it is my Pelotoniversary. Yup, I bought it with a Cyber Monday deal so I wanted to let you know you can get the same offer as me. I went for the starter package, which gets you the standard bike (I researched a lot and it's more than good enough), the shoes, a water bottle, a mat and the weightswith 27% off, bringing it to $1,195 at Peloton. Or, if you don't want the extras, you can get the bike alone for $1,095 (that's 24% off).

Anyone who knows me will know I spent days researching which fitness bike to get when I realised I needed an at-home option that allowed me to take breaks from working and decompress my busy creative brain, while managing the children, cat and house. And though there were other (cheaper) options available, I went for the big Daddy of living room cycling because of everything it offers. The community, the classes, the design of the bike itself, and the fact they set it up for me with fancy white gloves. 

Peloton Bike starter package: $1,650Save 27%:

Peloton Bike starter package: $1,650 $1,195 at Peloton
Save 27%: I honestly thought I'd return this bike. But with a job, kids and a cat I needed something to decompress without having to leave the house. And this is now my favourite purchase of the last year. This is the same package I got, and it has everything you need – the bike, shoes, water bottle, mat and weights (not the membership).

Price check: Amazon $1,095 for just the bike (reduced by 24%

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