Pinterest’s design trend predictions have got me excited for 2024

Pinterest trend predictions
(Image credit: Pinterest)

Pinterest has predicted the hottest design trends for 2024 – and the forecast is looking suitably eclectic. From colourful kitsch to Western Gothic, the vibes are set to be big, bold and a little bizarre, but Pinterest is embracing the weird and wonderful, projecting a new year filled with delightfully diverse trends.

Using extensive data from its user searches, Pinterest delicately pieces together the information, using machine learning to refine the results. While there are plenty of design books that can help with inspiration, Pinterest has a reputation for accurate prophesies that are ahead of the curve (although I'm not entirely convinced by 'Dirt Flirts'). 

01. Give a Scrap

Pinterest Trends

(Image credit: Pinterest)

As we're forced to become more eco-conscious, upcycling is set to be a big hit in 2024. "Boomers and Gen X will transform basic tees to unique-to-me fits with whatever snips and shreds they can find," Pinterest says. From cooking with leftover food to crafting with fabric scraps, the new year is set to embrace all things sustainable, creating fashion, crafts and cuisine with planet preservation at its heart. 

02. Kitschens

Pinterest predicts trends

(Image credit: Pinterest)

It's official, minimalism is being cast aside to welcome back the chaotic world of kitsch. Defined by lashings of bright colour, thrifted decor and vintage motifs, there's a plentiful dose of character to be found in Kitsch-inspired creations. As kitsch spreads into wider design trends, brands will need to embrace bold and eclectic design over the sleek minimalism that's invaded the current design space in recent years.

03. Hot Metals

Pinterest trends

(Image credit: Pinterest)

The cooler, sexier cousin of kitsch, metallics are set to make a splash in 2024 as Gen Z and Millennials opt for chrome-clad pieces. Neutrals will take a back seat while "Melty metallics will make their way into the mainstream," says Pinterest. Hot Metals are the perfect balance of clean aesthetics and bold statement features – think futurism without the sterility of minimalism. 

04. Dirt Flirts

Pinterest trends

(Image credit: Pinterest)

I'll admit that Dirt Flirts threw me off when I initially saw it, but it marks an important change in the way that consumers spend their time. In 2024, Pinterest predicts that we'll be going on adventures and hitting the hiking trails to embrace the natural world. With searches for 'Overland gear' and 'Off-road camping' proving popular in search results, the essence of escapism is an underlying trend that brands will have to capture in the new year.

05. Western Gothic

Pinterest trends

(Image credit: Pinterest)

Perhaps my favourite of Pintrest's predictions, the return of Western Gothic comes from an increase in searches for 'Vintage Americana' and Western decor. Western Gothic aesthetics focus on what Pinterest calls a mix of "vintage Americana chic with deep, moody hues." Unlike Kitsch, this style adopts dark tones and bespoke, folky design that embraces age and imperfection. 

Pinterest trends

(Image credit: Pinterest)

Pinterest reports that over the past four years, 80% of its predictions have been correct. The company's early insights allow brands to shape their campaigns across the new year around direct data from consumers (it's not just a horoscope of potential trends). As the company puts it "Trends on Pinterest start earlier than elsewhere on the internet," so I'm excited to see how the predictions evolve over the coming months. 

You can take a look at Pinterest's full predictions on its website and for more 2024 forecasts, check out the gaming trends set to shake up the new year.

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