Please tell me this isn't the new DC Studios logo

DC Comics characters
(Image credit: DC Comics)

There's nothing like a glimpse of a possible new logo to whip up a bit of intrigue among comic fans. DC Studios, which makes the film adaptations based on DC Comics characters, currently uses the same logo as the comic book company itself. But we may have 'accidentally' been given a glimpse of a new DC Studios logo and a design that may reveal what the Warner Bros division has in store for future releases.

A DC Studios producer appears to have briefly posted an image of himself wearing merchandise that shows a hitherto unseen design. And it's leading to some wild speculation, as well as some yawns (take a look at the best graphic design software if you want to create your own designs).

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Some will say there's no such thing as an accident on Twitter and that if Harley Quinn producer Patrick Schumacker posted a picture of himself in a wearing a hoodie that sports an unseen new DC Studio, it was a all a ploy to drum up excitement. Schumacker quickly deleted his tweet, but not quick enough before others, including the Flash Film News, could copy and repost the photo. 

The snap shows the producer wearing a hoodie that features a variation of the DC logo we know, with 'Studios' over the letters. That's flanked by six DC heroes: Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Superman on the left; Batman, The Flash and Aquaman on the right.

DC Comics logo

The DC Comics logo (Image credit: DC Comics)

Some fans commenting on Twitter are ready to part with their cash to buy the new merchandise, if it actually emerges, but others aren't convinced – "If this is the DC logo then this is the most basic and uncreative shit I've seen," one person tweeted in response. That's maybe a little harsh, but it's certainly not a design that communicates an intent to breath new life into the brand.

New co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran are attempting to rebrand DC Studios to make up for some of the disappointments in recent years. The number of people on Twitter commenting that they "don't care" suggests this logo doesn't inspire much that they'll succeed. Some people are more interested in knowing where they can get the Christmas Batman that also appears in the photo (it's on Amazon).

More interesting than the logo itself is the lineup of characters around it. Their positions slightly alter the presentation of DC Comics' New 52 run (see above), changing the location of some of them and leaving out Cyborg. This could mean nothing at all, but fans are looking for clues about the future DC Universe. One person notes that "Superman looks like Chris Pratt", who has been rumoured to be in line for the role. I'm not so sure, but don't miss our character design tips if you're working on your own designs.

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