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Quirky font magically adjusts to what you're writing

With its geometric angles and art-deco aesthetic, Futuracha has become one of the most popular free fonts used by designers all over the world. Created in 2012 by Athens-based creative team høly, Futuracha is inspired by the pf futura book, with serifs based on Claude Garamond typefaces. And thanks to a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, Futuracha looks set to become accessible to everyone.

While it has become incredibly popular, there's always been one drawback with Futuracha: it was only available in .eps format. This meant that designers had to configure and position every single letter if they wanted to use it. The solution is Futuracha Pro, an OpenType version of the font that magically adjusts and readjusts as you write.

Featuring numerous combinations of letters and plenty of playful ligatures, Futuracha Pro finally gives creative people the opportunity to type and create with the popular font.

To make Futuracha Pro a reality, be sure to head over to their crowdfunding page and donate what you can. There are plenty of Futuracha-themed goodies up for grabs if you chip in, such as art prints, mugs, and even your own bespoke glyph.

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