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Giant skeleton sculptures 'rise up' in Mexico City

Day of the Dead sculpture
(Image credit: Pedro Pardo/ AFP)

Ahead of the upcoming Day of the Dead celebrations, the streets of a neighbourhood in Mexico City have been disrupted by giant skeleton sculptures that appear to be emerging from the tarmac.

Photos of the impressive sculptures, which have sprung up in Tláhuac, quickly went viral on social media due to their striking appearance. Thanks to the rubble surrounding their limbs they really look like they're bursting out of the ground.

And while they're not quite as convincing as our roundup of mind-bending trompe l'oeil illusions, they'll certainly turn the heads of passers by. We particularly like how the sculptures, which were built by a group of local artists, are made out of cardboard and rocks salvaged from a construction site.

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Day of the dead sculpture

It's a dead end for drivers (Image credit: Pedro Pardo/ AFP)
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Day of the dead sculpture

Passers by stop to admire the skeletons (Image credit: Pedro Pardo/ AFP)

The Day of the Dead festivities begin on 31 October and end on 2 November, and traditionally the event is an opportunity for Mexicans to celebrate the lives of the departed.

As well as these impressive sculptures, people have also been getting ready for the occasion by dressing up as La Calavera Catrina. This elegant skeleton woman was originally drawn by Mexican cartoonist José Guadalupe Posada in 1912 and has come to personify the Day of the Dead.

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