Specsavers' new ad campaign is an ASMR fan's dream

Specsavers billboard ad featuring text that reads "the sound of popcorn popping"
(Image credit: Specsavers)

Specsavers has released a new ad campaign featuring a series of onomatopoeic billboards and an accompanying ad, celebrating the simple joy of sound. Promoting its audiology services, the brand's stripped-back campaign aims to help customers rediscover sounds to enjoy life's most simple pleasures.

With ASMR more popular than ever, the brand has embraced the serenity of sound by creating its own stimulating auditory ad – but don't worry, there's no creepy whispering in this one. (If you're after some more brilliant billboard examples, check out our collection of traffic-stopping billboard advertisements).

Specsavers billboard featuring text that reads "the sound of squeezing sun cream"

(Image credit: Specsavers)

Created by Specsavers' in-house team, the campaign celebrates all elements of sound, from the playful to the pleasurable. The simple off-white background of the billboards against the bold black text makes sound the key feature of the campaign. Creating a sensory experience, the ad lets viewers bask in the serenity of sounds such as ketchup and splatting sun cream – undoubtedly life's most glorious auditory experiences. 

Other examples include “the sound of an absolute classic on someone else’s headphones,” represented by the familiar onomatopeic "unh-tz unh-tz" of hearing muffled second-hand music, as well as the familiar "bip bip" of a locking car. 

Specsavers billboard featuring text that reads "the sound of an absolute classic on someone else’s headphones"

(Image credit: Specsavers)

The accompanying TV advert is a more interactive experience, showcasing the comfort of sounds like squelching mud and the low crackle of a record player. With no narration, the ad lets sound be its key feature, creating a brief moment of peaceful ASMR-esque calm for viewers. 

As a fan of minimalistic advertising, I think that Specsavers' new ad expertly demonstrates the power and importance of words. The simple yet effective campaign is a playful way of appealing to the senses, creating a more intimate advertisement that has a more personal resonance for viewers. 

If you're after some more brilliant billboard examples that caught our attention, check out AA's latest Street Fighter billboard, or if you're up for a challenge, why not take a look at Müller's Magic Eye optical illusion campaign that had our heads in a spin. 

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